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May 26, 2021

Celebrate Star Wars (1977) and The Phantom Menace (1999) opening anniversaries - hear some great stories from these 2 releases. We also compare and contrast the movie marketing, critic reviews and general zeitgeist surrounding each film. The juxtaposition is fascinating!


Richard and I share our stories, but we also asked you to write in your stories on our Facebook Post. With 60+ comments, we tried to share as many as we could. Here is a sample:


We went to see Star Wars in ‘77 and we sat in the fourth row. When some kids who were younger than us sat down in front of us, we told them that those first three rows were reserved for critics. They moved and we had an unobstructed view of cinema history in the making. For Phantom Menace, I had always said the first film I would take my daughter to see was going to be a Star Wars film. She was two years old in ‘99 and she sat on my lap and, I kid you not, didn’t make a sound, and never took her eyes off the screen!! For the entire 2+hours!!! Okay, she peed on my lap but that’s a small price to pay. She was only two! Great memories!!

Bill Madia


One of my friends had a friend who managed a theater that got a last minute show for TPM. That friend and I saw it dozens of times in the theater. By about the 7th time we were dating and by the time the sequel trilogy came out we were married with two Padawans.

Meredith Duckworth


Hear many more in the episode!


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