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Dec 23, 2020

Do you remember Mickey's Nutcracker? This was a live stage show that played during the Christmas season at the Fantasyland theater stage between 1991 and 1992, and also aired on the Disney Channel at the same time. In this retelling of the "Nutcracker" Minnie throws a Christmas party  in which she receives a magical nutcracker that resembles Mickey Mouse. When the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve the Nutcracker comes alive and takes Minnie on a journey to Candyland. This colorful show includes live performers as well as other lovable Disney characters; such as Goofy, Roger Rabbit, Tigger, Chip & Dale, and Pluto. Sisters Courtney and Kelly get the inside scoop on Mickey's Nutcracker, and being a performer at Disneyland, from their good friend Drew Hayashida. He was a performer in the show and was worked very closely with one of the characters. 

But before we get to that interview, the sisters take you to the Hollywood Studios Backlot for their review of Disney Channel’s new Original Movie: Upside Down Magic which is out now on Disney Channel and on DVD. To celebrate the release of Upside Down Magic on DVD they are doing their first giveaway on Instagram…….. Will you be the lucky winner???


Lastly Courtney and Kelly want to say Happy Holidays from all of us at the Neverland Clubhouse!!!!


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