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Dec 12, 2018

Our friend and Ewok Adventure actor Eric Walker is back to debut his new Star Wars-inspired single, “Dare To Dream in a Galaxy Far Far Away”. The song comes out on Tuesday, 12/18, anywhere you buy digital media, but Eric is debuting it here first! The inspirational message of the song carries through in our discussion.

We are also very excited to have Andrew Osborne on the show. He is the creator and producer of a new play premiering in Hollywood, CA on 12/13 called Special, which is a reimagining of the making of The Star Wars Holiday Special. Read on for more info on where you can meet us to watch!

Instagram Holiday Giveaway

You could win a Toy Story Alien Holiday Popcorn Bucket from Disneyland! Head to Instagram to enter.



12/30/18 - Skywalker Holiday Meet-Up

It's live theater all about The Star Wars Holiday Special! Let's all gather together and celebrate the holiday, The Holiday Special and each other right before the new year.  We will see the 5pm show and then head to dinner afterwards.

Tickets are available at a special discount rate to Skywalkers - $15 with the Discount Code "STN" on December 30th only!


Our very first Skywalking Force Exclusive episode came out in October! Richard and I sat down to watch the kooky, funny, crazy HOCUS POCUS and recorded a commentary! It is available to certain levels of the Skywalking Force, and we hope you enjoy! Find out how you can become a part of the Skywalking Force right here.



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Never Land on Alderaan!