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Dec 24, 2014

Happy Holidays Ape Fans!

Welcome to the holiday episode of Talking Apes TV! We are the podcast that takes an in-depth look at each episode of the Planet Of The Apes TV series from 1974 to find out why it still stands up after 40 years. This was also the year that kids were asking Santa for the newest toys and games like Twister, Connect 4, and, GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip.

Join Richard and Mark as they say their goodbye to TV's Dr. Zaius, Booth Colman, in our opinion the best of the Zaius'.

In this episode, "The Surgeon", which aired 10/25/1974, Alan is shot by a gorilla patrol. Galen and Pete take him to a medical center where we meet Dr. Kyra (Played by Jacqueline Scott who portrayed Zantes in the "Good Seeds"), someone special from Galen's past.

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