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Nov 26, 2014

Hey Hey Ape fans! We are the podcast that takes an in-depth look at each episode of the Planet Of The Apes TV series from 1974 and to find out why it still stands up after 40 years. This week we look at the 5th episode in the apes series, "The Legacy" which aired on 10/11/1974. In this episode Pete and Alan discover a holographic message by scientists from the past (but their future), which might help them find out what happened to their world.

We also talk in brief about the comparisons from the Pierre Boulle novel to what we see in the films and TV series (now that Richard FINALLY got through the book). Apes driving cars? Still can't see it.

The winner of the Apes DVD Giveaway never claimed there prize, so THERE WILL BE A NEW WINNER announced next episode! Cross your hairy-pawed fingers it is you!

And once again thanks for listening!

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