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Feb 26, 2015

Hey Hey Ape fans! Join Richard and Mark as they discuss the 10th episode in the Planet Of The Apes TV series, "The Interrogation". In this episode which aired 11/15/1974, Pete is captured and taken to Central City where Urko (Orko?) meets with Zaius, who has a special "experiment" planned to get information from him with the aid of Wanda, a chimpanzee scientist, who has discovered a book from a time capsule from 1986 on how to brainwash humans.

We also talk about meeting several of the Ape TV/movie actors and authors of the Planet Of The Apes: Evolution Of The Legend. Find out from Ron Harper himself if it's really pronounced Urko or Orko.

And who are the lucky 3 winners of the Apes TV soundtrack, listen in and find out! Thank you once again to La-La Land Records for supplying us with those copies.

Now, go Ape!

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