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Feb 9, 2015

Hey Hey Ape fans! I know we promised we were going to go into "The Interrogation" episode on this show, but we're going to take a break and talk with artist PAUL BATEMAN. For the Star Wars fans out there you may know him as Ralph McQuarrie's apprentice. (Monty Sanzo-tera we know you were looking forward to "The Interrogation" so don't worry it's coming.)

We also want to remind everyone about our Planet Of The Apes TV soundtrack giveaway. La-La Land Records has graciously given us three copies to give away. We are giving 1 CD set to any new Likes on Facebook, we are giving away 2 CD sets to reviews on iTunes. If you've already 'liked' us or gave a review then you are automatically entered.

The winner will be chosen midnight Monday 2/16 and announced on our 2/19 episode. And you will have until midnight on March 19 to claim your prize. If you don't claim your prize it will go to the next Ape.

Come back to our next episode where we will not only go into "The Interrogation" episode but also tell you about the autograph signings held at Dark Delicacies on Feb. 7 where we met Ron Harper (Alan Virdon), Lou Wagner (Lucius), Gary Dubin (the "Look It's a Man" child gorilla) and many more Apes luminaries.

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