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Oct 24, 2014

Hey Hey Ape fans! Talking Apes TV is the podcast that explores the Planet Of The Apes TV series and why they still stand up after 40 years. Join Richard and Mark as they discuss their favorite episode of the Planet Of The Apes TV series, “The Trap” (aired 9/27/1974).

Now Available on it's own separate feed on iTunes and Stitcher!

Plot Summary: This episode is a departure from most - we see General Urko and Pete Burke working together in order to survive. While trying to get themselves out of a centuries-old subway station, Urko sees a poster for the San Francisco zoo. If Urko weren’t angry enough at the human race, seeing a gorilla in a cage tells him that maybe apes weren’t always the supreme. How will Pete survive this?

We also read some great listener feedback that ties in the current Ape movies with the originals.

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