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Oct 13, 2014

Hey Hey Ape fans! Talking Apes TV is the podcast that explores the Planet Of The Apes TV series and why they still stand up after 40 years. 

This week we look at the second episode of the Apes TV series titled 'The Gladiators', which aired in 1974. 

Plot Summary:

Virdon, Burke and Galen stumble into a village led by a chimpanzee prefect, Barlow, who keeps the human populace calm by gladiatorial combat. When Barlow finds the magnetic disc containing the record of the flight of Pete and Alan, they must get it back in order to have any hope of returning home. Galen goes to the village to attempt to retrieve the disc. While he is speaking with the prefect, Virdon and Burke are captured. 

Listen for some great conversation and the many historical references to the 1970's in this episode.

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