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Aug 20, 2015

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls - our D23 Expo 2015 Recap!! SUPERSIZE, Part 1. You’ve been waiting patiently…and it’s here! Just like Star Wars Celebration, we gathered together a group of Skywalkers on Sunday, right after the close of the Expo for an immediate debriefing of the weekend. Randy Crane from Stories Of The Magic podcast, Josh Kelley and Lauren Correia happily joined in.  Kevin Liell of Norse Legion had some amazing stories to share about his GREEN ROOM experience hobnobbing with George Lucas, Johnny Depp and Dick Van Dyke!

We also have another popular Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics segment with Star Wars Artist Randy Martinez, and perhaps Comedian and Star Wars Artist Denise Vasquez will share her opinion on the (interesting? disturbing?) Star Wars Pin-Up Special by Howard Chaykin seen at the back of 1977’s Issue #3. Check it out: starwarschaykin  

We still have sooooo many more interviews to share with you from D23 Expo, so stay tuned for our D23 Recap, Part 2. We interviewed Disney Imagineers, Kevin Kiner, Ashley Eckstein, and Randy Thornton (Disney Music Historian!).


9/3/15: Moderating DK Publishing's FORCE FRIDAY Book Tour Kick-off with Star Wars authors! San Diego, CA Event Details  

1/16/16: Star Wars Half Marathon Birthday Meet-Up at the Disneyland Resort! Anaheim, CA Event Details


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