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Aug 6, 2015

Jeffrey Epstein, D23 Expo Spokesperson, joins us to reveal NEW exciting Star Wars and Lucasfilm-related panels and happenings at the D23 Expo. He confirms that the maker himself, George Lucas, will be in attendance, and whets our appetites for the Disney Archives Exhibit. We can’t wait!! (13:12)

Do you remember your first visit to a Disney Park? Re-live those memories as we talk with Georgia Davis - she visited Disneyland for her very first time on Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary. (41:57)

Stephen Howard of reviews Star Wars Podcasts every week, so we invited him on the show as our Point 5 Past Lightspeed Super Fan! (59:16)

Also on this episode:

  • Things We Want To Share -
    • Sarah: Disneyland buys MORE land across the street. Speculation for expansion runs wild!!
    • Richard: Darth Vader bears a striking resemblance to the first-ever costumed super villain in a 1938 serial. (6:11)
  • Skywalker Shout-outs (34:00)
  • Skywalker Of The Week (34:00)

And remember…NeverLand On Alderaan!


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