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Nov 12, 2014

Stan Lee's Comikaze Recap! Did we get an interview with Stan Lee? What amazing, outlandish costumes did cosplayers come up with? All this, plus, we catch up with Margaret Kerry, Disney Legend and our Podcast Fairy Godmother!

BIG HERO 6 is in theaters now! We talk with Marcus Gonzalez, the man behind those cute Baymax balloons and beverage sippers at Disneyland. He is a HUGE Star Wars fan, too, and just may reveal some more exclusive information about what's coming to Disneyland during Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

Also on this episode:

  • Point 5 Past Lightspeed - Interview with Death Star Doll about her custom geeky shoe business.
  • Call for Questions! - Ask Tink is back, and we need your questions! Margaret Kerry will answer them all. Email here.
  • Fake Stan Lee - Yes! We got an extremely hard-to-get interview with Fake Stan Lee himself!
  • Letters to Santa with C-3PO - send us your Letters to Santa, and C-3PO may read them on one of our December episodes. We want to make sure Santa gets your wish lists. Email here.

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