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Jan 14, 2021

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #28 “Whatever Happened to Jabba The Hut?" brings back Jabba in comics!!! But is this really Jabba?? Richard and Sarah discuss the comic and find FTOOM! Fast Facts (classic comic things that appear now in Star Wars books, comics and films). We also share a history of Jabba the Hut/Jabba the Hutt/Mosep Binneed which you can also read right here.



Show Notes:


Release Date: July 24, 1979
Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artwork: Carmine Infantino, Glynis Oliver, Gene Day
Cover Art: Carmine Infantino, Bob Wiacek
Editor: Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin


Synopsis:  Han and Chewbacca have been hiding out since they escaped the clutches of Darth Vader as they blasted away from The Wheel (BACK IN ISSUE 23)


However they have been found by the vile gangster, Jabba the Hutt and his henchmen, who have Han and Chewbacca trapped inside a cavern that we find out is a honeycomb for Stone Mites. These creepy crawly creatures can eat through anything from a smuggler’s starship to people. With obstacles all around them, will Han and Chewie make it out alive?


As usual, we take our Facebook Group Comments on the cover into account as we analyze this issue. Become a part of our Facebook Group to contribute!



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