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Sep 26, 2019

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #19 "The Ultimate Gamble" is the second comic in a new story arc featuring Luke, Leia, Han, the droids and Chewbacca on The Wheel - a floating casino in space. Our heroes are separated and encounter both stormtroopers and The Wheel's administrator, Senator Greyshade. Will Han fight Chewie in a precursor to Solo: A Star Wars Story? Let's find out!


Show Notes:

Release Date: October 24, 1978
Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artwork: Carmine Infantino and Bob Wiacek
Consulting Editor: Jim Shooter
Cover Art: Carmine Infantino / Bob Wiacek

Synopsis: The Rebels are split up to avoid being captured by Commander Strom and his legion of Stormtroopers. Luke is still unconscious and Han & Leia battle troopers until the are apprehended by The Wheels security force. Chewbacca runs into more danger as he is captured and made to fight in the Wheels gladiatorial Pits!  And we discover Senator Greyshade’s secret passion...


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