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May 17, 2018

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #17 “Crucible” has a LOT of parallels to Solo: A Star Wars Story. Unlike many of the vintage, action-packed Star Wars comics, this one follows one character, Luke, on a character-building journey complete with womp rats, Beggar’s Canyon and Skyhoppers. What’s not to love?? We tackle this comic with Star Wars artist Randy Martinez.

Show Notes:


Release Date: August 22, 1978

Writer: Archie Goodwin, Chris Claremont

Artwork: Herb Trimpe, Allen Migrom

Coloring: Marie Severin

Cover Art: Dave Cockrum, Bob McLeod

Synopsis: While Luke Skywalker is piloting the Millennium Falcon through space, his mind flashes back to his life back on Biggs Darklighter’s farewell party, Luke races his best friend in his T-16 skyhopper through the twisting maze of Beggar's Canyon. Suddenly, they are attacked by Sand People. While the others try to hold off the attack, Luke and Biggs rush off to warn nearby residents of of the danger in their area. Biggs is wounded and Luke has to take him in his skyhopper through the dangerous and impossible caverns of Diablo Cut to get him to safety. Having succeeded where other have failed, Luke knows he is meant for greatness!

Classic Marvel Star Wars Comic characters are starting to show up in various forms of Star Wars media! From Forces of Destiny to a new comic book “Star Wars Adventures Annual 2018” and even Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you know classic characters, you’ll see them pop up everywhere.