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Jun 13, 2024

In this episode, we speak with Patrick Cotnoir, co-producer of the new documentary, "I'm George Lucas: A Connor Ratliff Story". This documents behind-the-scenes of the hilarious “The George Lucas Talk Show” which you can see live or on YouTube. Both the documentary and talk show pay tribute to George Lucas by answering this question: what would George Lucas be like as a talk show host? “The George Lucas Talk Show” has hosted guests such as Weird Al, Ahmed Best, and Whoopi Goldberg. What would these people say to George Lucas? 


Patrick Cotnoir, co-producer and talent booker, shares some great stories on both the documentary and talk show. He also helped create “The Naboo Movie: All-Star Live Reading of The Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary” and we just had to get some behind-the-scenes stories of that as well! It is always great speaking with someone who has just as much love and respect for George and the Star Wars Saga. "I'm George Lucas: A Connor Ratliff Story" is available now on VOD.


About the Documentary: “I’m George Lucas: A Connor Ratliff Story”


For five years, comedian Connor Ratliff has performed as retired filmmaker George Lucas in his monthly UCB NY cult comedy show, "The George Lucas Talk Show". Co-hosted by actor Griffin Newman and featuring A-list guests booked by producer Patrick Cotnoir, the show allows Connor to both exalt and poke fun at the vast world of Lucas, including Star Wars. However, Connor begins to question if the show should continue due to its ongoing stress with little financial and career gain. By following the live performances and behind the scenes for one year, the mysteries of Connor's inner self are explored in this portrait of an artist, and his own feelings on his history, value, and legacy are revealed.


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