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Feb 21, 2024

Richard and Sarah review and breakdown the first three episodes of THE BAD BATCH season 3 which premiered on 2/21 on Disney+!

We were also part of a Star Wars fan site roundtable hosted by Disney and Lucasfilm, which shed fantastic and relevant insight into The Bad Batch from the showrunners Brad Rau (executive producer) and Jennifer Corbett (head writer, executive producer), along with the voice of Omega, Michelle Ang, and the voice of The Bad Batch, Dee Bradley Baker. We've sprinkled in relevant comments along with our review. 


Here are all three roundtables in their entirety, available on our YouTube channel: 






Thanks to our fellow Star Wars fan podcasters for great roundtables: Fangirls Going Rogue, Father Son Galaxy, Full of Sith, Skytalkers, and Fantha Tracks, Jedi News, Star Wars Explained, Star Wars Holocron, Ion Cannon Podcast, Skytalkers, Coffee with Kenobi, and Star Wars Insider.


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