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Aug 3, 2023

Time to head back in time and revisit Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics! We break down the fourth issue of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Marvel comics adaptation - BOUNTY HUNTERS. How is the artwork? What are our fond memories of this cover? And just how much does this issue feature the bounty hunters? This issue also contains Sarah's favorite love scene in all of STAR WARS - how does the comic measure up???


This episode also contains our tribute to PAUL REUBENS and some heart-felt memories.


Watch the video version with the full comic above, or listen to the audio podcast here:



Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #42 “To Be A Jedi" Description:


Title: "The Empire Strikes Back: To Be A Jedi"
Release Date: September 23, 1980
Writer: Archie Goodwin, based on the script by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan from the story by George Lucas
Artwork: Al Williamson, Carlos Garzón, & Glynis Wein
Cover Art: Al Williamson & Carlos Garzón




Luke meets a green (not purple) gnome after he crashed his X-wing in a Dagobah swamp. He soon learns that this is the Jedi Master he was instructed to find by Ben Kenobi. Meanwhile, Han has hidden the Millennium Falcon inside of an asteroid cave only to realize it was not a cave at all. Aboard his Star Destroyer, Darth Vader has assembled a motley crew of Bounty Hunters to find the Falcon with the distinct command - “No disintegrations!”  


As usual, we take our Facebook Group Comments on the cover into account as we analyze this issue. Become a part of our Facebook Group to contribute!



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