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Aug 11, 2022

Are you ready for a trippy, stand-alone issue of Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics "RIDERS IN THE VOID" (May 1980)? New artists and artwork, plus a one-off storyline that taps into current day fears, RIDERS IN THE VOID split our readers. Richard and Sarah share their differing opinions! Ready? VOOORP!!


Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics is on YouTube! Watch and read along with us.


Since this comic series lends itself so well to a visuals, we recommend watching on YouTube. We will continue to describe the issues as we're talking, for those of you who are visually impaired.



Classic Marvel Star Wars Comics #38 “Riders in the Void" Description:


Title: "Riders in the Void"
Release Date: May 27, 1980
Writer: Archie Goodwin, Michael Golden
Artwork: Michael Golden, Terry Austin
Cover Art: Michael Golden
Editors: Jim Shooter, Archie Goodwin, Danny Fingeroth




Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are on a mission to transport medical supplies for the Rebellion when an Imperial Star Destroyer attacks their ship. When they make the jump to hyperspace, their transport begins to shake violently and Luke drops back to sublight travel to find themselves beyond the galaxy's edge and in a starless void. 


The only visible 'star' turns out to be a mysterious organic ship, which swallows up their small transport. There, they find the ship's sole occupant who shares his unbelievable history…


As usual, we take our Facebook Group Comments on the cover into account as we analyze this issue. Become a part of our Facebook Group to contribute!



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