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May 18, 2022

Samantha Alleyne, the first female Stormtrooper, shares so many stories about her career as actress and model. Since THE FORCE AWAKENS, she has played about 15 different parts in each Star Wars film, with crazy on-set stories for each one. What subtle pieces were changed in the Stormtrooper armor to accommodate her feminine shape? What was her most embarrassing moment on set? You’ll learn how she and her hand worked directly with Tony Gilroy to create a pivotal on-screen moment in ROGUE ONE. Samantha is also proud to be an inspiration for the next generation, especially women of color.


Samantha will also be a special guest at the Boonta Eve Cantina pre-celebration bash on May 25th, so if you will be joining us, you can meet her and get her autograph. Like Misty Rosas, she may even grace us with a karaoke song!


Social Media: @saminthecity79 @samkkalleyne



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Where We Will Be


May 25, 2022: 3rd Annual Boonta Eve Cantina! Join us LIVE at Big’s Bar and Grill in Fullerton for an evening of podcasting, singing, celebrity signings and our Official Book Launch of Today in Star Wars History: Part 1 - January through June! Check out the Facebook Events for details.


May 27, 2022: Disneyland After Dark - Star Wars Nite


May 26 - May 29, 2022: Star Wars Celebration Anaheim




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