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Sep 9, 2021

SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS has arrived, smashing box office records. Cosplayer, graphic designer and friend Bryan Lee attended the World Premiere in Hollywood dressed as Shang-Chi, and he joins us to discuss his experience, the film itself and Awkwafina’s silver fanny pack. Did she wear it to the premiere? Inquiring minds want to know. As an Asian-American, Bryan also discusses how ground-breaking SHANG-CHI is in terms of its cast, director and production team. This is a spoiler-filled discussion.


Because many of us aren’t as familiar with the source material, Sarah shares the comic book origins of Shang-Chi, the Ten Rings and a few Fun Facts she found in her research. Be sure to also read about the making of the film in this article!


Then check out Bryan Lee's incredible Shang-Chi cosplay and tons of pictures from the World Premiere on his instagram:


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John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl


On September 3 we braved crowds, traffic and Hollywood to attend the ‘Maestro at the Movies’ - John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl. An 18-minute bonus episode can be found here.


If you are part of the Skywalking Force, our Patreon, be sure to check Patreon and your special podcast feed for audio and video of the entire 2-hour concert.

Latest YouTube Videos - Shang-Chi arrives in Avenger's Campus!


HalloweenTime 2021 Begins!

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