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Nov 21, 2019

We have been everywhere this week, including An Evening Conversation with Julie Andrews! This episode is one big “Things We Want To Share.” 

  1. We saw Julie Andrews in person, and share anecdotes from an amazing evening hosted by LA Times Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Mary McNamara.
  2. Chad Pennycuff (My DVC Points Podcast) joins us to discuss his show and a special DVC “Moonlight Magic” evening at DCA.
  3. The Mandalorian Chapter 2 “The Child” - let’s discuss the episode, fun facts and the history of the blurrgs. 
  4. Obi-Shawn Crosby hosted a special Life Day Celebration in Galaxy’s Edge, and we joined in the revelry.

Books We Talked About

Upcoming Meet-Ups and Events

Sunday, 11/29/19 at 5:30pm - Panel at LosCon - Paul Hirsch, My Fifty Years of Hollywood Editing

January 17, 2020: The Rise of the Resistance opens at Disneyland - Meet-up time!

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