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Nov 21, 2018

Celebrate a day of peace and a day of harmony with the 40th Anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special!


We give our reasons to be thankful for this timestamped 1970's gem with guests Tom Spina (Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot) and SKot Kirkwood (creator of the newly revamped website, I love when we have such energetic and enthusiastic guests!

The fires ravaging California are affecting a great number of people, including Matthew Jacobs. He is an Air Force veteran, huge Star Wars fan, and has just lost everything in the fires that have been blazing throughout the state. Steve Baldwin (Wretched Hive Podcast) encourages you to head to GoFundMe to help a fellow Star Wars fan.

Giveaway: Holiday Disneyland Gifts

We were just at Disneyland for the first day of Holiday Time at the Parks, and we picked up some holiday-themed gifts! We've already completed a Holiday Giveaway for our Skywalking Force, and there are two remaining Holiday items! Stay tuned to our Instagram for public Giveaways of the much sought-after Toy Story Alien popcorn bucket and an amazing Mickey-antlered, light-up holiday baseball cap!

Disneyland Resort Meet-Up on 12/4

We will be Skywalking through the Festival of Holidays at DCA on 12/4/18! Join us from 7-9pm at the entrance to Festival of the Holidays and we will have fun eating and drinking around the Booths that make up the event. May it be Secret Squirrel free!! We hope to see you there, Skywalkers! Shout-out to the Mandervillians, as they are the reason for this event!


Our very first Skywalking Force Exclusive episode came out in October! Richard and I sat down to watch the kooky, funny, crazy HOCUS POCUS and recorded a commentary! It is available to certain levels of the Skywalking Force, and we hope you enjoy! This month we are working on both exclusive audio and video of our trip taking in Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort.  Find out how you can become a part of the Skywalking Force right here.



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Never Land on Alderaan!