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Oct 26, 2018

Welcome to the SPOOK-tastic Part 2 of our Halloween Extravaganza! Throughout the episode, our friends drop by to Trick or Treat: Creature performer Dee Tails, Jason and Gabe (Blast Points Podcast), Tom Spina (Regal Robot) and Jeff Baham (Mousetalgia). We also have quite a few international shout-outs from Martin Keeler (Fantha Tracks).

Dee Tails was in town this past month, and we took him on his very first  Halloween experience! It was our first time to try out the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride here in Griffith Park as well. We document the experience and I think we all learned a little something about Dee’s scare threshold that night. Check out the story and pictures from the event.

Then we huddle around the Endor bonfire and read from the new book, “Are You Scared Darth Vader?” by Adam Rex. Who knew Richard could sound so Vader-like??

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We share our very first Skywalking Force Exclusive episode this month! Richard and I sat down to watch the kooky, funny, crazy HOCUS POCUS and recorded a commentary! It is available to certain levels of the Skywalking Force, and we hope you enjoy! Find out how you can become a part of the Skywalking Force right here.

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Never Land on Alderaan!


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