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Sep 17, 2018


Let’s visit secret Jedi locations in Ireland! Everyone’s favorite Jawa, James Floyd ( Wars Insider) shares his stories and tips on visiting the numerous Star Wars locations filmed along the coast of Ireland. Luke Skywalker’s last resting spot, real beehive huts and so much more.  Then we talk about James’ FIRST article published in Star Wars Insider magazine - Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary!

Ireland - Star Wars Filming Locations. For more photos, head to James' Flickr with OVER 100 PHOTOS of his amazing trip! 

Don’t miss Chewbacca visiting little Irish kids in the Irish town now known for its Star Wars filming locations:


Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort


HalloweenTime has arrived at the Disneyland Resort! We ate our way through a day and have tips and tricks and food reviews to share with you. Does pumpkin spice really exist at Disneyland? Cars Land turns into Haul-o-Ween - everyone MUST check it out! So adorable!

Also on this episode:

  • Happy Beeps from Ric Peralta
  • Things We Want To Share: Disney Magic Kingdoms special event - The Little Mermaid




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Never Land on Alderaan!