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Sep 4, 2018

Coming up on this episode we catch up once again with Adam Harris who just finished his documentary - My Saga! Lots of great stories and lots of tear-jerking moments in his film. He talks about his son growing up with the filming, great stories about meeting Star Wars actors, and teases us about distribution. When will you be able to see it? Listen in!

Are you ready to talk Star Wars: Resistance, Skywalkers? Joshua Jordan reached out and asked us to give our thoughts on this new TV show. We discuss all we’ve learned about the characters and animation. Star Wars: Resistance has released a Trailer and a Behind-the-Scenes video, as well as this poster art:

Star Wars: Resistance airs on October 7 on Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app.

Also on this episode:

  • Happy Beeps from Brian Sims
  • Skywalker of the Week

What's up with Retrozap?

You may have noticed that there was no RetroZap bumper at the beginning of this episode. That is because, like Ahsoka in the Clone Wars it is time to move on. We wish Joe and all the other creators continued success at Retrozap. As for the show moving forward, you will still listen as usual on your favorite podcatcher, or tune in live. Nothing in terms of how you listen will change.


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Never Land on Alderaan!