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Mar 3, 2016

With the imminent release of Disney’s ZOOTOPIA on March 4th, it's the perfect time to bring you Behind-The-Scenes stories from the Press Day Sarah attended at Walt Disney Animation Studios. We had press roundtables with the Directors, Writers, Production Designers and Character Designers/Animators of ZOOTOPIA. She’ll go into some amazing stories, fun facts and we’ll hear audio from the filmmakers themselves.

Sarah was able to see ZOOTOPIA at a special #DisneyInfinityNEXT early screening, so she will give her Spoiler-Free review. She also got to meet Allison Petreck of Disney Infinity Toy Box TV. And then let’s get into NEW Disney Infinity characters, Marvel Battlegrounds Playset and more!

Richard takes on the farce that was the Oscars. No awards for The Force Awakens?? What is this world coming to? Host Chris Rock had to tap-dance around #OscarsSoWhite and he really did a quick step. As always we have enlightening clips from The Oscars as well as media surrounding the event.

We also have shout outs, and the Skywalker of the Week!


4/14-4/17/2016: Star Wars Half Marathon Meet-up at Walt Disney World! Event Details


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