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Apr 20, 2017

Star Wars Celebration Orlando may be over, but we’re still celebrating! Immediately after the convention, several Skywalkers met up to talk about their favorite moments, dissect the trailers and more.


Apr 18, 2017


On Saturday, April 15th of Star Wars Celebration Orlando, we were not only treated to an amazing Star Wars Rebels Season 4 panel, but also a Press Conference featuring Executive Producer Dave Filoni and his STAR WARS REBELS "family." This episode contains the entire audio from that press conference.


Apr 11, 2017

Ingvild Deila, ROGUE ONE’S Princess Leia body double, actress and singer, is Skywalking Through Neverland this week in her Star Wars podcast debut! She is absolutely delightful as she tells us stories of pretending to be Luke Skywalker as a girl, what it was like to don the Princess Leia gown for ROGUE ONE, and...

Apr 10, 2017

In this episode we look at 1978’s Star Wars #13: ’DAY OF THE DRAGON LORDS!’. Is this a “filler episode”? Why is Chewbacca about to kill Luke Skywalker?? Randy Martinez gives us an update on his Star Wars Celebration Orlando official Art Show exclusive art. Richard, Sarah and Star Wars artist

Apr 6, 2017

Matt Busch and Lin Zy have both been chosen to be official Star Wars Celebration Art Show Artists! While it's always fun talking with another married couple, it's especially exciting to talk to them both about their SWCO Art Show pieces, both of which spoke to Richard and Sarah in different ways. Lin Zy has...